Musicality Salsa Workshop, New York
By Joel Dominguez
Anya Katsevman ( Salsa Champion 2010 )


Do you ask yourself one or more of these questions…….

How can I improve my leading and follow?

Why do some of the turn patterns I learn in class don’t work in social dancing?

How can I dance in complete sync with my partner to
make all the moves look and feel smooth and easy?

How can the instruments help me fix all of the issues from the
questions above?

How can I improvise more moves when I dance Salsa in Social

I want to talk about the common issues that happen on the
dance floor and more important how to fix them.I’ve been dancing/teaching for more than 12 years and it took me all this time to find out the answers to all these questions myself…

Now I want to share with you my experience and knowledge (which took me years to learn) and explained what helped me the most to improve my dancing and summarize this into a workshop!!

If you are asking yourself all of these questions and want to improve your dancing then this will be the perfect workshop for you! Of course, we are going to cover
much more than that, as well as answer any of questions that you have
on your mind. We encourage you to bring them to the workshop!!!

Workshop Program:

1) Timing and Musicality: 1HR

How to listen to the conga (live) Clave (live) Cowbell (live)
by a professional percussionist Willie Moreno. You will learn how to dance in different ways using these instruments to create a different feeling while you are dancing.
Learn how these instruments guide you to follow and lead with precision.

2) Leading & Following Techniques (with live instruments):  1.5 hrs

“How important these little details are that make a huge difference”,
I will cover the details that help you improve your leading and following, talk about positions of the hands, rotations, correct resistance, positions of the body, and how to apply this to turns that we use all the time on the Dance Floor or Performing.

All these details will help you to improve and guarantee you will feel the difference after this workshop.

We will record the workshop and I will give you the access to watch this valuable information any time from the comfort of your home.

3) We will have 30 min of Questions and Answers.

4) 15 mins for breaks and/or summary of what we covered in workshop

Be prepared to have a great and very different experience!!!

NOTE: You must have a Minimum of  1.5 Years Experience in Salsa on 2.
This workshop is for people that are looking to take their Dancing to the Next Level!!!

We will have limited space – so please save your spot via email to

Pearl Studios
500 8th Ave (b/t 35th and 36th street )
Room 410

Saturday, May 22nd

Time: 2pm – 5.15pm

Joel Dominguez
Anya Katsevman

Willie Moreno Director of  Willie Moreno & Su Orquesta
( Check Video ) playing with Hermanos Moreno in Peru

Price: $ 40

Reserve your space by email to

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